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I have come to respect and to appreciate Brother Randy Chovan deeply while pastoring with him in Washington State. He has spoken for me in unique venues with great blessing. I have also observed that his own men really respect their pastor as he has ministered in retreats and conferences. Perhaps the great strength of his preaching is that it is extremely biblical. His messages are obviously from Heaven. He is one of God’s gifted and called servants to this special ministry that will benefit churches. Mrs. Chovan will also be a blessing to your ladies if you have such a need.”

(Dr. Thomas Neiman
Galilee Baptist Church, Kent, WA)

Forty years ago Randy Chovan and I arrived on the island of Okinawa, Japan as two unsaved GI's. We were both invited to church where we heard the gospel and trusted Christ as Savior. We both surrendered to the call of God in our life to preach the glorious gospel of Christ to the unsaved. Forty years later I am a pastor and Randy Chovan is an evangelist. He and his precious wife Grace are also members of our church! What a great blessing to have known this brother for forty years and to have the privilege of being his pastor and sending church. Though our friendship runs deep, my respect for this brother as a faithful, articulate, passionate preacher of God's Word runs even deeper! It is with joy that I recommend Evangelist Randy Chovan to you.

(Pastor Marty Basinger Calvary Baptist Church Alachua, Florida)


References for Evangelist Chovan


I have had the privilege of hearing Randy Chovan speak several times in churches at which I was the pastor in New York State and in California. Randy does not bring embarrassment to the church, nor to the pastor’s ministry. He is respectful to the pastor and desires to be a servant of the Lord.
He is sincere in his ministry. His goal is to preach the Word of God, to edify and encourage the believers, and to evangelize the lost. Other evangelists may prefer to use many illustrations and anecdotes outside the Bible when they preach.
Randy stays close to the Scriptures. He is a student of the Word of God and is doctrinally sound. Randy, his wife Grace, and his family maintain a godly testimony as they minister to the needs of the church. They have Biblical standards and desire to please the Lord in their conduct.

I highly recommended Brother Chovan as an evangelist.”


(Pastor Charles T. Bordonaro
Northfield Baptist Church, Northfield, MA)

Brother Chovan has been greatly used of God and he sees great results. I highly recommend him as an evangelist and he will be a blessing wherever he is used. I don’t know of any evangelist who understands the military ministry more than Brother Chovan.”

(Dr. James V. Kennard
Baptist International Missions, Inc. Director of Military Missions)













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