Messages from God's Word

to meet the heart's need!


The following are some of the themes God has given me for Evangelistic / Revival Meetings and Conferences.
If one of these will meet the needs of the church, please contact me and request that particular series:
1. The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ:

The Gospel accounts of the touching and changing of lives and how the Lord can do this in lives today.

2. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ:

Prophecy Conference.

3. Family Conference:

Messages on marriage and child rearing. The Biblical Blueprints for a successful home.

4. Evangelism Conference:

Messages on witnessing and soulwinning.

5. Victorious Christian Living:

Various areas of the Christian life and how to be victorious.

6. Victory over Sin:

Intense doctrinal and practical studies on overcoming sin.

7. Victory over your adversary the Devil:

Intense doctrinal and practical studies on overcoming Satan.

8. Discipleship Series:

What / who is a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ and what it will cost to be a true follower.

9. The Adventure of Faith Series:

Studies on the growing and development of faith found in the characters of Hebrews 11.



10. Character Studies from Scripture:

Learning from the lives of various Biblical characters.

11. The Great Evangelistic Revival
       Meetings of the Bible:

An analysis and practical examination of the great moving of God's Spirit in Biblical times and how this same God can move mightily today.

12. The Seven Churches of Revelation 2-3:

Expositions of Rev. 2 - 3: Christ's message to the churches then and now.

13. The Seven Feasts of Israel:

Messages on the typology, prophecy and practical application of feasts.

14. Youth Conferences:

Messages especially designed to minister to the needs of youth today.

15. Pastors' Conferences:

Designed for Pastors' fellowships and conferences. Practical and doctrinal messages on Pastoral leadership / responsibilities.

16. Missions' Conferences:

Messages on mission themes, mission giving, recruitment.

NEW! The After Life series

(messages on death, heaven, hell, Great White Throne and judgments).